Pick n' Mix Wk 1 Recap

The Sabres' four games from Week 1 are over, and let's take a look at the leaders.

Firstly, thank you for the excellent turnout for Week One, with 23 readers participating in the Buffalo Sabres Pick n' Mix Week 1. There were no bingos all week (surprise!), and the leader with 13 points from the week is newcomer predator007, congratulations! It's pretty tight at the top though, with Ubiquitous, syrabillslican, kitaman27 and jtmatsyek all in with 12 points.

The scoring spreadsheet is shared on Google Docs, please do drop me a note here if you notice something amiss.

Also, ensure you get your Week Two picks in before the Sunday afternoon game on the Week Two post. We just heard that we'll be getting some pretty sweet Sabres-related prizes for the winner of the Pick n' Mix challenge at the end of this shortened season, and you have to make your picks to win, so don't forget!

Notes -

  • The 3rd game at Carolina ended up at 20 PIM total, so everyone got a freebie point.
  • If you see a name with a strikethrough, the player is not on the team roster you picked for the win.
  • Please ensure that your GWG scorer is on the team you picked for the win. /