Patrick Kaleta Suspended 10 Games For Hit On Johnson

After his in-person hearing today with Brendan Shanahan, Patrick Kaleta will be sitting for ten more games thanks to another reckless hit.

Patrick Kaleta has been suspended for the past two games thanks to his headshot on Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson.

Today we found out that he'll be sitting out for quite a while longer.

After meeting in person with the NHL's Department of Player Safety and its czar Brendan Shanahan, Kaleta was slapped with a ten game suspension, thanks more to his reputation as a cheap-shot artist as opposed to any injury or penalty assessed on the play, of which there was neither.

Whether you feel he falls into the category of goon or not, the fact remains that Kaleta seems to find his way into Shanahan's office on an annual basis, and now he's starting to pay a heavy price for his appearances. He's a marked man according to the league office, and should he be suspended again, Kaleta will likely face somewhere in the 20 game range.

If he can avoid the questionable hits, Kaleta has actually evolved into a fairly accomplished defensive forward, and an expert penalty killer. Buffalo will miss his presence in that regard, but Kaleta will have plenty of time off to reconsider how he approaches the physical side of his game.

Kaleta will be eligible to return on Thursday, November 7 when the Sabres travel to Los Angeles to face the Kings.