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FanShots - User Guide


FanPosts and FanShots are part of what make SB Nation blogs different from and better than other blogs you might read - they allow you to contribute content, giving each user a greater voice than s/he might have anywhere else on the 'Net. But just because you've got a voice doesn't mean you should yell and it doesn't mean you should speak just to hear yourself talk. Here are some helpful hints for newcomers and veterans alike (h/t Broadstreet Hockey and Japers' Rink for much of the "borrowed" content below).


FanShots are quick posts, links, images or videos.

When Should You Post a FanShot?

  • Whenever you find a link, a quote, a video or a photo that you think your fellow Die by the Blade Readers will enjoy.
  • When you don't have any commentary to add other to the link, video, photo or quote.
  • When you can't meet the 75-word minimum for a FanPost.

How Do You Post a FanShot?

1. Click "New FanShot" -- Seems simple, right? While logged in, visit any page of Die by the Blade and click the handy "New FanShot" button. Enter the link or pic URL in the proper place.


2. Use the FanShot Bookmarklet -- Clicking and dragging the "Share on SBNation" button (which you can find here at the top of the FanShot section, right underneath the top ad bar; just click "FANSHOTS" on the front page to get there) to your bookmarks bar (the area under your address bar in your browser) and it will allow you to post to Die by the Blade quickly and easily while browsing the internet.

Once you have a "+fanshots" button in your browser, you have one-click posting of FanShots at your fingertips. Clicking that button will create a link to whatever you are reading on the Web.

Example: If I am reading this story on Tyler Myers and I click the button a dialog box will pop up that will look like this:


If you only want to share a quote from a story you would highlight it and click the Fan Shot button you put in your toolbar. The tool will automatically recognize that you are choosing a quote. The original story would look like this when highlighted:


The Fan Shot box will pop up and look like this:


Just select the type of FanShot you wish to post (make sure to pick the appropriate type and fill in the fields with the applicable information), apply the proper tags (more later) and hit publish.