NHL Trade Deadline: Paul Gaustad Heading To Nashville

With the close of the NHL Trade Deadline upon us, it has been confirmed that Paul Gaustad and a 4th round pick has been traded to the Nashville Predators for the 1st round pick they had been asking for all day. That pick is going to come in the mid 20 range due to the fact that the Predators are expected to go deep in the playoffs.

Many Sabres fans wanted to see Darcy Regier to make a move and this is the only move that we know of as of now. The question is whether there are any more deals coming down the pipeline. There are reports that Derek Roy was not traded so this is probably the only move that Buffalo will make at the deadline.

Gaustad has seven goals and 10 assists on the season, but isn't really known for his scoring presence. He was acquired for his grit and his faceoff ability which is in the top 10 of the league.

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