NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: DBTB Staff

Die By The Blade staffers make their predictions

Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs day to all. While the Buffalo Sabres aren’t in this year’s postseason action, there’s still plenty of hockey to watch, and it all begins tonight.

Five of the playoff series open Wednesday night, with the other three kicking off on Thursday. Most games are televised nationally in both the United States and Canada.

A full schedule can be found here.

Here’s a quick look at the first-round series ahead, and how Die By The Blade staff members think each series is going to go - plus a vote for the readers! (Each reader poll ends at the start of game one in that respective series.)

Tampa Bay Lightning (A1) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (WC2)

Chad: Tampa Bay
Calvin: Tampa Bay
Ryan: Tampa Bay
Melissa: Tampa Bay
Anthony: Tampa Bay
Steve: Tampa Bay
Ben: Tampa Bay
Jason: Tampa Bay
Max: Tampa Bay
Lee: Tampa Bay
Zach: Tampa Bay

Reader vote:

Who wins this first-round series?

Tampa Bay Lightning118
Columbus Blue Jackets11

Boston Bruins (A2) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (A3)

Chad: Toronto
Calvin: Boston
Ryan: Boston
Melissa: Toronto
Anthony: Boston
Steve: Toronto
Ben: Boston
Jason: Boston
Max: Boston
Lee: Toronto
Zach: Boston

Who wins this first-round series?

Boston Bruins134
Toronto Maple Leafs49

Washington Capitals (M1) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (WC1)

Chad: Carolina
Calvin: Washington
Ryan: Washington
Melissa: Carolina
Anthony: Washington
Steve: Washington
Ben: Carolina
Jason: Carolina
Max: Washington
Lee: Carolina
Zach: Washington

Who wins this first-round series?

Washington Capitals171
Carolina Hurricanes23

New York Islanders (M2) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (M3)

Chad: Pittsburgh
Calvin: Pittsburgh
Ryan: New York
Melissa: Pittsburgh
Anthony: Pittsburgh
Steve: New York
Ben: Pittsburgh
Jason: Pittsburgh
Max: Pittsburgh
Lee: Pittsburgh
Zach: Pittsburgh

Who wins this first-round series?

New York Islanders60
Pittsburgh Penguins67

Nashville Predators (C1) vs. Dallas Stars (WC2)

Chad: Nashville
Calvin: Nashville
Ryan: Nashville
Melissa: Nashville
Anthony: Nashville
Steve: Nashville
Ben: Nashville
Jason: Nashville
Max: Nashville
Lee: Nashville
Zach: Nashville

Who wins this first-round series?

Nashville Predators110
Dallas Stars24

Winnipeg Jets (C2) vs. St. Louis Blues (C3)

Chad: St. Louis
Calvin: Winnipeg
Ryan: Winnipeg
Melissa: St. Louis
Anthony: St. Louis
Steve: St. Louis
Ben: St. Louis
Jason: St. Louis
Max: Winnipeg
Lee: St. Louis
Zach: Winnipeg

Who wins this first-round series?

Winnipeg Jets82
St. Louis Blues52

Calgary Flames (P1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (WC1)

Chad: Calgary
Calvin: Calgary
Ryan: Calgary
Melissa: Calgary
Anthony: Calgary
Steve: Calgary
Ben: Calgary
Jason: Calgary
Max: Calgary
Lee: Calgary
Zach: Calgary

Who wins this first-round series?

Calgary Flames146
Colorado Avalanche24

San Jose Sharks (P2) vs. Vegas Golden Knights (P3)

Chad: Vegas
Calvin: San Jose
Ryan: Vegas
Melissa: Vegas
Anthony: Vegas
Steve: San Jose
Ben: Vegas
Jason: San Jose
Max: Vegas
Lee: Vegas
Zach: Vegas

Who wins this first-round series?

San Jose Sharks69
Vegas Golden Knights72

What are your predictions? Let’s hear ‘em!