NHL Playoffs Open Thread 4/23/2016

Three games today, starting in the afternoon

Last night we saw the LA Kings exit the stage as the Sharks were finally able to put them away in a playoff series 4-1. All three other series from yesterday are at 3-2: Capitals lead the Flyers, Islanders lead the Panthers (after a double overtime win) and the Stars lead the Wild (after an overtime loss).

Today we have three games, starting at 3pm EST. The Penguins are at home against the Rangers, leading the series 3-1. Then at 6pm the Predators are at the Ducks, the series is tied 2-2 with every single game so far won by the visiting side. Finally, at 8pm the Blues are in the Windy City taking on the Blackhawks, leading 3-2.

Should be a fun day of hockey, join us for a chat!