NHL Gamecenter Is Great, Especially If You Have An Xbox 360

If you're sick of watching the Buffalo Sabres (and I wouldn't blame you) then this season might be the one to try NHL Gamecenter, especially if you own an Xbox 360.

If you want to watch just about every NHL game, NHL Center Ice is great if you've got the cash to fork out. But for the more frugal of us, NHL Gamecenter Live is the more feasible option for watching hockey from around the league.

Gamecenter is the league's online viewing site/app that lets users watch games from every team, both home and away feeds. It's pretty cool in its online version, and works as advertised, with pretty good video quality. Highlights include the ability to watch up to four games at once in split screen mode (though quality suffers noticeably), the home and away feeds for most games, and the included DVR controls.

However, Gamecenter really shines if you have an Xbox 360. Not only does the 360 app have a slick and easy to navigate interface, but the video quality is great, and the two-game split screen looks so much better on a big living room TV than a computer or laptop monitor. The PS3 version, on the other hand, has a clunky UI and no split screen ability.

The Buffalo Sabres are not playing well. But in this shortened season, you can watch hockey from around the NHL at a reduced price. If you've got a laptop, you'll have a good time, and if you've got an Xbox 360, you can be the life of the party.

Full Disclosure: The NHL has provided DBTB with a free Gamecenter Live account for the 2013 season.