Grigorenko to report to Quebec Remparts after all

After hemming and hawing, Mikhail Grigorenko will do the thing the Sabres asked him to do.

After all the angst, arguing, and consternation, it turn out that Mikhail Grigorenko will be reporting to the Quebec Remparts after all, just as the Sabres asked him to earlier this week.

There was some speculation that Grigo might flee to the KHL rather than go back to juniors, but luckily that seems not to be the case. He certainly won't benefit too much from playing in the QMJHL for the rest of the season, as he'll immediately jump to the top of the talent pool, but at the end of the day, he made the right choice by doing what his employer asked, even though they both know it's not the best place for him.

The AHL would be perfect for Grigorenko, but the NHL-CHL agreement prevents him from playing there, and is becoming a big topic of conversation over the past few days. Unfortunately, it seems as though he'll be spending the rest of his season in the Q, barring a major injury call-up to Buffalo.

At age 19, it's important to remember that patience must be exercised with Grigorenko. Many players don't make an impact in the NHL until their 20's, and he's simply a player who's going to need more time. His future is certainly still uncertain, and the way the Sabres have handled him has been less than stellar, but he'll hopefully continue to grow as a player, and this decision hopefully means he's growing as a person as well.