DBTB Mailbag: Regier Rumors, Draft Day Trades, and Buyouts

In another edition of the DBTB Mailbag, we talk about the chances of a draft day trade, whether or not the Sabres will use one of their compliance buyouts this year, and the latest draft day rumors surrounding the Sabres.

What are the latest rumors coming out of the draft? Anything on the Sabres front?
- John D.

The latest from Newark, NJ mostly involve other teams not named the Buffalo Sabres. Before we get to those, an interesting nugget came out this weekend saying that Cody Hodgson may be in play for a trade, as the Sabres are having trouble agreeing on the money for his new contract (though it should be noted that he does want to re-sign with Buffalo). Tyler Myers has also been mentioned in trade rumors, adding another interesting element to a weekend full of options for the Sabres.

News is all quiet on the Miller and Vanek front, and while they're obviously in play as well, Regier did come out and say that he expects Miller to be on the team after this weekend. Whether that's all an elaborate smokescreen, well, we'll leave that up to you.

The big news coming out today involves the Boston Bruins. Nathan Horton announced that he'll be leaving Boston as a UFA this summer, and the B's have also put Tyler Seguin on the trade market to see if anyone will bite. The Vancouver Canucks have given up on trading Roberto Luongo and his massive contract, and have now put goalie Cory Schneider on the trade block, thus giving a Ryan Miller trade some competition.

What is the likelihood that the Sabres trade either Miller or Vanek this weekend?
- Jim W.

Judging by Darcy Regier's comments today, a Miller trade is looking more and more unlikely. Personally, I don't think he was sending out a smokescreen, but I also don't think this is the best opportunity for the team to trade their franchise goaltender. Free agency begins on July 5, and once the free agent music stops, there will be playoff hopefuls that find themselves lacking between the pipes. Ryan Miller will still be an option later this summer.

As for Vanek, I could see him being moved as part of a package along with the #8 pick and some other pieces if the Sabres are indeed trying to move up to get their hands on a Barkov, Drouin, or Nichushkin. I'd put the odds of seeing a Sabres trade involving #26 or #30 this weekend at somewhere around 30%. I think it will happen for at least one of them, but tomorrow isn't the only, or best, opportunity.

Will the Sabres buy anybody out this offseason like Leino or Stafford?
- Matt R.

Regier has already said that the Sabres are not planning on using their compliance buyouts this summer, and given the overall lack of veteran talent on the team and the $14 million in cap space they'll have this summer, I don't see any reason why he'd go back on his word there. They still have the option to buy a player out in the summer of 2014.

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