Love It Or Leave It? Sabres, Leafs Unveil Heritage Classic Jerseys

The Sabres & Leafs have unveiled their special jerseys for the upcoming NHL Heritage Classic.

Finally, the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Maple Leafs have unveiled their jerseys for the upcoming NHL Heritage Classic. The teams revealed the special jerseys they’ll wear when they hit the ice at Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field on March 13.

First, here’s a closer look at the Sabres jerseys, which appear to be a cream-colored base with the royal blue logo, and the unique Buffalo logo on the shoulder. The crest, as it has in the past, features some texture, as visible below. As a reminder, the Sabres are the home team for this game.

My thoughts: it’s fine. I like the released design a lot better than how the version looked that leaked Wednesday night on ShopOneBuffalo. It’s clean, it’s sharp, but overall, it doesn’t look that different from any other Sabres jersey. Then again, do we really need another different jersey? Stick with the classic. Stick with what works. For the most part, that’s what’s happening here.

What do you think of the Sabres’ Heritage Classic jersey?

Love it!200
Leave it.60

The opponent Leafs have also unveiled their jersey, which is a tribute to the Toronto Arenas:

The prominent white ‘T’ is sublimated in the background by the word ‘Arenas.’ Someone on Twitter said it looks like the word “Arenas” was on the jersey, then ripped off and left behind residue. I can’t get that out of my brain now. It’s meh, and it could be the way it’s hanging on this mannequin, but the striping at the bottom looks super bulky & out of place.

What do you think of the Leafs’ Heritage Classic jersey?

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Leave it.194

What are your thoughts on the Sabres’ and Leafs’ jerseys for the Heritage Classic? Love them? Hate them? Couldn’t care either way?