Lehner calls out Scrivens for avoiding goalie fight

Volatile Sabres goalie doesn't mince his words

Buffalo Sabres and Montreal Canadiens games have tended to be hot-headed affairs lately. After a tense game last week ended in an unfortunate incident where Habs defenseman PK Subban got injured, this tilt in Buffalo was just as explosive.

It all started with a goalie interference non-call in the first period when Alex Galchenyuk ran into Robin Lehner. The in-form forward got shoved around like a rag doll as the rest of his teammates were nowhere to be seen. And then with just seconds to play in the second period, Lehner was run into again and this time a scrum ensued.

Lehner was in no mood to just watch, and yanked Michael McCarron out of the pile, who then grabbed his mask. The referee tried to separate the two, as Habs goalie Ben Scrivens skated up to the blue line and was taunted by Lehner. Scrivens however refused to throw down the gloves despite multiple attempts by Lehner to get him to fight.

After the game, Lehner had this to say about Scrivens.

The next time the Sabres play the Habs (next season), we should be in for some fun.