LaFontaine plot thickens with non-disclosure agreement

We may not know for a very long time what exactly happened in the Sabres front office, but that makes it all the more interesting.

After endless speculation on Twitter, rumors flying fast and furious, and ewven a press conference by Tim Murray and Ted Black, nobody still really knew what happened between the Buffalo Sabres and their former president of hockey operations Pat LaFontaine.

And now, we might not get the full story for a very long time.

According to Sportsnet reporter Nick Kypreos, the Sabres and LaFontaine have settled his contract, and part of that includes LaFontaine signing a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that he legally can't speak on what happened for a certain period of time.

You're always considered innocent until proven guilty, but if LaFontaine truly resigned like the Sabres said and there was no contention as Murray and Black stated, then why force him in to silence? This certainly looks bad, and it basically amounts to the Sabres paying their former employee off to stay quiet about the whole situation.

We'll update this post if anything further comes from this news, but feel free to speculate why LaFontaine is being kept silent in the comments.