John Scott suspended seven games for hit on Eriksson

The Sabres enforcer and first time offender was handed down a hefty suspension for hitting Boston's Loui Eriksson in the head.

Today the NHL Department of Player Safety handed down a seven game suspension to John Scott for his hit to the head of the Bruins' Loui Eriksson back on October 23.

Scott met with Brenden Shanahan today in New York to plead his case, not that there was much he could do. He has already served three games of said suspension, and will need to sit four more.

As a first time offender, Scott was unlikely to receive a mind-blowing suspension, but seven games is a large number for a first time offender. However, Scott's reputation as a walking pylon and Eriksson's concussion as a result of the hit certainly served to pad out the game count for the first timer.

Scott does have the option to appeal, should he choose, or if he does decide to sit out all seven games, then he'll be eligible to return on Friday, November 8 against Anaheim while the Sabres are in the middle of a west coast road trip.

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