Jochen Hecht Signs Two-Year Deal To Play In Germany

The longtime Sabre will play for Adler Mannheim in the German League.

The Buffalo Sabres didn't have very many free agents to worry about last summer, at least few that fans cared about (don't let the door hit you on the way out, Brad Boyes.)

However, Jochen Hecht, who once held the title of "longest tenured Sabre" will now definitely not be returning to Buffalo, as he ha signed a two-year deal with Adler Mannheim of the German league, according to Pro Hockey Talk.

Hecht was always a productive player for the Sabres, until injury problems kept him off the ice. After suffering multiple concussions in the same season, it seems that Darcy Regier and his cohorts deemed Hecht too much of a liability to bring back, especially at anything close to his $3.525 million salary he earned last year.

Buffalo will miss Hecht's versatility to play anywhere and in any situation, and his consistent production, but I know I'll miss making fun of his terrible shot selection the most. Nobody could shoot a puck from near-behind the net like ol' jokin' Jochen. Here's hoping the former Buffalo captain can make enough of an impact in Germany to pique the interest of an NHL team if they ever get around to playing again.