Is Anyone In The Sabres Organization Untouchable?

The trade deadline is looming, and more rumors are popping up every day. With trades undoubtedly on the horizon, is there anyone who shouldn't be considered for the Sabres?

The NHL trade deadline this season is April 3rd, and as of today, that's exactly three weeks away. As we get closer to deadline day, more and more rumors are popping up, and e5 references are becoming more common by the day.

With some number of trades looming on the horizon, today we wonder - should anyone in the Sabres organization be considered untouchable as far as trades go?

While I'm sure we'll have some arguments in the comments, I would argue that there are four such number of players. I think the Sabres wouldn't even consider dealing these guys because of some combination of their unique talent, age, and/or contract. Here they are, in no particular order:

Mikhail Grigorenko

The highly touted Russian has barely scratched the surface of his talent, partly because of inexperience, partly because of the Sabres plan for him (more on this later). He was highly touted enough coming in to the draft that I don't think Regier will even think of dangling him as a trade chip. Grigs is expected to be a big part of the future of this team for a long time to come, and you don't trade away a guy like that in a package for a veteran.

Cody Hodgson

Hodgson was touted as an offensive center with a flawed defensive game, and that's what we've seen so far. However, the offensive upside he's shown this season has been borderline elite at best and very good at worst. He has a nose for the net, has clicked with his linemates, and is already displaying the elite passing ability and vision that it took Vanek and Pominville years to develop. His defensive game has improved slightly in recent weeks, and will get better every year. He'll be a more powerful Derek Roy at the least, and a true #1 center at best, and at age 23, I'm not giving up a guy who's improved so much in one year.

Christian Ehrhoff

Regier won't move Ehrhoff for a few different reasons - first of all, he's the Sabres best defender; his steadiness in his own zone and very good offensive skills will make him an asset to this team for many years. And that's how long he's under contract - many, many years. You don't see teams trade guys with decade-long contracts for a reason, but luckily Ehrhoff is earning his $4 million per season thus far, so the decision isn't hard.

Tyler Myers

Myers has been bad this year. There's no doubt about it. However, I believe that his upside remains so fantastically high that there's no way the team will deal him. That, and his massive contract that he's currently earning receiving from the team makes him untouchable.

What do you think, Sabres fans? Want to add any names to that list? Think someone on it should be taken off? Let us know in the comments.