How did you become a Sabres fan?

It's time to bask in wonderful nostalgia. Today we go back to our roots and remember why we started rooting for this team in the first place.

Everyone has their story for why they became a fan of the team that causes them so much joy, and sometimes pain. Although there might not always be an ah-ha moment, it's usually in a time where the team is either having success or is likable based on the way they play or the personalities on the team.

It was 2006. I was ten years old, watching the post-lockout Sabres stun the NHL with their speed and stick handling ability. Before the lockout I didn't even like hockey much. But I fell in love with that team. Ryan Miller, Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, Thomas Vanek. These were the players I grew up watching, the players whose names I would scream to my Dad after I finished taking in one of Rick Jeanneret's goal celebrations. I cried at the end of the Hurricanes series, the only time sports have ever made me cry. I hope the next time that happens they'll be tears of joy. I was parked in front of the TV during Sabres games that season, and I never really left.

Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding the future of the team, the Sabres right now aren't that interesting. Unfortunately the youths of today likely will have to wait a few years before they can fall in love with a dazzling Buffalo team, so today we look back to better times (or better days, if we want to use an old Sabres reference).

There was once a time where we didn't have to argue about whether or not we wanted the Sabres to win or lose. A time where we latched ourselves onto this team and began to call them our own. What moments or teams led you to become a Sabres fan? Was it a player, a goal, a fight? In a year where the ultimate goal is getting a top pick, the past may be the best place to look for uplifting Sabres moments.