Happy Halloween from Around the NHL

Checking out some of the best player costumes this Halloween.

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate. For me, the best parts of Halloween are seeing what creative costumes people come up with, and the discounted candy in the days after. Players around the NHL always come up with some good costumes, and this year is no different. Let’s keep it fun & light around here and check out some of the best costumes from around the league:

Jesse Puljujärvi

Honestly, everyone else can go home. I don’t think anything can top this costume from the Edmonton Oilers forward and his partner.

It’s simple enough and the reference is easy, and yet, it just works so well.

It’s fun, it’s creative, it took some actual thought (I’ll always give props on doing more than just throwing on some face paint) and it’s different than a lot of the standard costumes we typically see. Plus, who doesn’t love Finding Nemo?

Tyler Seguin

Any NHL player who is willing to (even temporarily) dye his hair pink to commit to a Halloween costume is an instant win in my book.

In case you’re not getting the reference (I won’t blame you!), Seguin and his partner are dressed as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Pop culture references are fun and timely.

The look is outlandish and wild, and the long, puffy pink vest really tops it off for Seguin.

Sean Kuraly

Dressing up as your teammate for Halloween is definitely a flex. Sean Kuraly, pictured above in the white bucket hat, dressed up as Patrik Laine for the occasion.

Laine’s gameday fits have been a subject of discussion on Twitter, from the velvet-esque suits to his backpacks and even the bucket hat. So hey, if your teammate is already noticed for his fashion sense, why not dress up as him for Halloween?

The Boston Bruins

This one is particularly special because the Bruins, as a team, dressed up as Super Mario characters for their annual Halloween visit to a local children’s hospital.

Team costumes/group costumes like this are always fun, and for them to do this while going to visit pediatric patients at a hospital makes it a lot more meaningful. I can just imagine the looks on those kids’ faces, not just in seeing Bruins players, but in seeing them in costume.

Tyler Toffoli

The Calgary Flames winger appears to have gone as Britney Spears to the team’s Halloween party this year, per Twitter’s general consensus.

We love a good Britney reference - although to be honest, I wasn’t sure if this was actually a Britney reference or just a generic schoolgirl look, but Twitter seems to say it’s Britney & we’ll go with it.

The pigtails just make the look, really.

Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen & Oskari Laaksonen

Alright, they’re not in the NHL but these Buffalo Sabres prospects have gone in corresponding costumes for at least a few years now. Their friendship while in Rochester has clearly blossomed and it’s fun to see them suit up together.

This year, they decided to go as Minions. Simple, funny.