Roster Moves


Surprised that I haven't seen this posted here yet.

Royal Blue


It's happening. It's back!

extra ticket this Fri. in Denver vs. Blues


There's not a convenient place to post messages like this here, so I'm doing the best I can. On short notice, I have an extra seat to Friday 11/30 St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche. It's free on a first-come basis, and is a good seat in Sect. 148 behind the Blues bench. Wanna see our old friend ROR in his old haunts?


Great look at what makes Mitts a special player from the Athletic


Part of a series looking at special prospects, this is really interesting and filled with examples of how aggressively he attacks the middle of the ice.

Rick Martin traded for 2019 1st round picks


The 1981 trade keeps on giving. Currently UPL, the St. Louis hall for ROR, Kane's return and even Rasmus Asplund are current assets recouped from one of the greatest Sabres of all time.

Looks like we have a goalie


Can't be official until Sunday.