Buffalo Sabres - News: NOTEBOOK: KALETA IN, GERBE OUT - 12/16/2008


It looks like the Sabres are going to get a spark in the lineup with Kaleta returning to the lineup. Unfortunately the Sabres will lose Gerbe who has looked more and more comfortable with every game. The question I have is this a sign of things to come with Gerbe? Is he too small to play in the NHL?

An Abbreviated History of GT - St. Louis Game Time


Welcome to the fold the newest SB Nation Hockey Blog. The addition of St. Louis Game Time gives SB Nation a total of 17 hockey blogs and the promise of more on the way. It's nice to see things rounding into shape with the help of James Mirtle.

Rob Ray vs Darren Langdon (via sabrz) Random video from Dec. 14, 2001. I thought it was a pretty...


Rob Ray vs Darren Langdon (via sabrz) Random video from Dec. 14, 2001. I thought it was a pretty good scrap and you might want to see it. It's kind of like a today in Sabres History post. " Blog Archive " State of the Northeast Division (First Edition)


Check out the state of the Northeast Division with various team bloggers including myself

Sabres Edge: More on Miller and the ref


A little bit of an update on the story about Miller and the referee. For the record...I agree with Mr. Harrington that the league needs to do something about it. As for the contention that Miller should have never brought this up. I's about time the players stick up for themselves because this type of thing happens all the time. I've heard stories about how the refs do not like Derek Roy because of his diving tactics and they make that very public on the ice. The difference is that this time the player went public with's about time.

Buffalo Sabres - News: STATEMENT FROM LARRY QUINN - 12/08/2008


This is a non-story people. Why is everyone getting all up in arms about this. This was discussed last year by Golisano and nobody said a word. I'll have plenty more to say about this later tonight or tomorrow.

Buffalo Sabres - News: SABRES RECALL NATHAN GERBE - 12/06/2008


I guess it's time to see what the kid can do. I wasn't completely displeased with Mancari. I could think of a couple of guys that are playing worse than Mancari was. I guess that was the easiest move to make and will give the Sabres an idea of whether or not Gerbe can play at this level. I guess the biggest question is...are they setting up for something bigger? I tend to think not but you never know.

Buffalo Sabres - News: WEBER RECALLED FROM PORTLAND - 12/04/2008


Weber is called up as a safety valve in case of an injury or a re aggravated injury. Toni Lydman will be in the lineup...which is huge news for the Sabres. Craig Rivet and Mike Weber will not play which means that Paetsch is in the lineup.