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News release, Seattle WA USA, March 9, 2024

61 year old original 1970 Sabres fan ‘Cozens4Captain’, is being shut down for the remainder of this hockey season. The purpose of the self-imposed shutdown is to regain fan health and reduce restlessness often associated with being a fan of this franchise.

“Being on LTIR (long term irritated reader) of this great blog site is needed”, he quipped, while pondering creating a fanpost. “I don’t think these get the attention they once did, and well, who am I to complain. My hope for this team is to reset the coaching staff, install the fear of firing to – and from – the front office, as well as make sure every player knows they are not special, but replaceable when they consistently underperform”, C4C said.

Meanwhile C4C has returned all his team gear and items to the back of the closet, including his favorite jerseys featuring a home 1977 #11, away 1998 #39 and his current #24. “Cleaned but stored” was the quote from him. Longingly staring out his home office window to the snow sprinkled mountains near his location, he kept two of his several framed items on the wall, that of him and his dad taken outside the old Memorial Auditorium and a framed game 6 ticket stub when he watched the Sabres defeat the Montreal Canadians on their home ice, winning the series, May 8, 1975. “That was a memory. Dressed in Sabres gear in the old Forum, and later on realizing my dad was worried about getting back to the hotel safely that night! Something an 11 year old does not consider.”

“There’s hope” he said with a faint smile, “but hope is not a plan, and the plan I have seen over the last decade isn’t it.” Regarding the balance of the regular and post season play, ‘I might watch some games on the TV, but I’m just not feeling it anymore this season. I sold my tickets for the upcoming game against the local team next week already”, his white retro goat head 24 jersey and fuzzy white buffalo hat won’t make the trip downtown for the game. While the Sabres have yet to beat the Kraken since their expansion, he murmured there was always hope. Apparently hope has been replaced, effective with his LTIR decision.

Gesturing wildly, ‘there’s always the draft this summer”, one of the highlights to his existence as a Sabres fan.

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