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Evander Kane fights Alex Petrovic, all three rounds

Evander Kane’s reputation of being a feisty player preceded his arrival in Buffalo. He usually plays angry but yesterday, when defenseman Alex Petrovic scored early in the second period to send the visiting Florida Panthers up 4-0, Kane had had enough. He got into a scrap with Petrovic and beat the tar out of him.

Video courtesy of Hockey Fights

It wasn’t nearly over though. Barely eight minutes later, with the score at 5-2 for the Cats, the pair duked it out again. Petrovic did slightly better, getting a few hits in before getting pummeled again.

Video courtesy of Hockey Fights

In the third period, Kane scored on the power play and then promptly beat up on Petrovic to celebrate. There was no Rocky-esque comeback for Petrovic, as he got thrashed soundly again. This time Kane even smashed the d-man’s nose for good measure to send his opponent on his way.

Video courtesy of Hockey Fights

This was the first time there was three fights in a game between the same pair since 10th January 2002 when Jody Shelley and Bob Probert got into it.

Petrovic had the last laugh in the end, winning the game and getting a Gordie Howe hat-trick (goal, assist, fight), but he will think twice about dropping the gloves against Kane in the future.

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