Evander Kane continues to do good in Buffalo

He's not the player we'd heard he was, at all.

Evander Kane came to Buffalo with a reputation of being spoiled. He was mocked and widely derided for some pictures ('phone', 'pushups') he'd taken and posted on social media with bundles of cash while at the Winnipeg Jets. He'd been called all sorts of names by fellow players, media and fans alike - 'distracting', 'immature', 'cocky', selfish' and 'jerk' are terms that were bandied about.

However, in the short time he's been in Western New York, it's fair to say that we've not seen anything like this. The player seems to have left those labels in the past and has immersed himself in the Buffalo Sabres, with teammates only saying good things about the player. Off the ice, he has been heavily involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo and Western New York. This week we also heard about the story of teenager Kylee who is undergoing cancer treatment and Kane, who is her favorite player, stepped up with a care package for her as she traveled to New York City for surgery.

Yesterday marked another big day for Kane's philanthropy. The player took 50 children from the Boys and Girls Club to dinner at popular downtown establishment Chef's Restaurant. That was not all though, because after the meal was done, he then treated the kids to a shopping spree at a nearby Target, to the tune of $200 each.

Bless you Evander Kane, and in the theme of current events, may you live long and prosper!