Evander Kane and Kylee - a story in tweets

Winger makes girl's day as she heads into surgery

There was plenty said about Evander Kane during his Winnipeg Jets days, mostly of the negative variety. Since his trade to the Buffalo Sabres, we haven't seen much of the selfishness or arrogance that supposedly marked much of his time up north.

What doesn't get talked about enough is how much the player gets involved with local charities - he continues to support the H.E.R.O.S. hockey academy at Britannia in his hometown of Vancouver among other charitable endeavors.

In the short while he has been in Buffalo, we have seen Kane getting involved with local chapters of Boys & Girls Clubs, and spoken up for the Michael Cuccione Foundation as well.

This weekend we saw on social media that Kane had sent a care package with a note to a girl called Kylee who will be undergoing some extensive surgery soon. We reached out to Jena, a friend of Kylee's and she shed some light on what Kylee is going through.

Kylee plays on two hockey teams with Jena, the Wheatfield Blades and Niagara County Coyotes. She was diagnosed with sarcoma of the stomach and is going to NYC soon to have surgery to try and remove the remaining cancer. Jena tweeted Kane, Kylee's favorite player, to see if he could give her some words of comfort.

Kane responded within hours, and sent the teenager a parcel of goodies, along with a heartfelt handwritten message to wish her the best of luck.

All the best with the surgery Kylee, from all of us here at DBTB!