Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier Talks To The Media

During the Blue and Gold scrimmage, Sabres GM Darcy Regier met with the media to touch on a couple of topics. Here are the highlights.

Derek Roy Injury

When asked about what his reaction to the Derek Roy injury was:

It was an elective [surgery] and it was a choice. He could have played and he did play with it. It was a decision that was made by that organization.

This lead to a series of questions about his perception of the injury and the team's overall perception with players. Regier had this to say about the perception of the injury:

That is correct. We are very confident in the decision by our medical staff. As I said, he played with it last year, he could have played with it this again this year. It was a decision by the Dallas Stars. It's as simple as that. So we were very comfortable with his situation and remain so.

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Dominik Hasek

The reports have been swirling that Dominik Hasek has been wanting to make a return to the NHL. One of the teams he was interested in returning to was the Buffalo Sabres. When asked about the meeting that he and Lindy had with Dominik, here's what he had to say:

Dom requested a meeting because he wanted to come back to the NHL. Out of respect for Dominik and his career as well as with the Sabres, I met with him once, Lindy and I met with him as well, listened to him. We had our discussions internally and made him aware that we were going to proceed with our current goaltending unit.

When asked his thoughts on Hasek wanting to come back:

I think it's tremendous. He'll be 47 at the start of this season. I hope that he finds a team to play with. I would love to seem him back in the league and hopefully he would play well - in the Western Conference.

Free Agent Market

He was then asked about the stagnancy of the free agent market still:

I am [surprised about the lack of moves]. I think it will move at some point but no one seems to be in a hurry right now.

The conversation moved to Shane Doan and the Sabres status with the player:

We have contacted him. I think if you have seen his reports, he's going to give Phoenix additional time and then make a decision as to where he was going to go and hopefully if he does that, we'll be in consideration.

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Darcy Regier July 12