Die By The Blade PhotoShop Challenge

Sabres PhotoShops make the world (or at last a Game Thread) go 'round. Here's a little incentive for y'all to get creative.

Everyone loves Sabres PhotoShops, and in every Game Thread, you guys have been clamoring for more, more, more. Well, with a little help from our friends at New Era Caps, we're hoping to do just that.

Today we're announcing the Die By The Blade Sabres PhotoShop challenge. What we're looking for are the best new Sabres PhotoShops you guys have brewing in those noggins of yours for everyone to use in Game Threads. The contest will be open for one week, and at the end of that week, we'll vote for your favorites.

The winners will receive a free, brand-spankin'-new Buffalo Sabres hat courtesy of New Era Caps. We'll ship it to your house as a thanks for making our Game Threads more fun for everyone.

Here are the rules:

  • Both static images and GIFs are eligible, but they must involve a member of the Buffalo Sabres organization in some way.
  • The contest will be open from 7am today, January 31, until 7am next Thursday, February 7. To enter, email your submission to diebytheblade@gmail.com with the subject: "PhotoShop Contest".
  • Voting will take place over the weekend, from Thursday through Sunday evening in the comments section of a new thread. There will be three winners, determined by a community vote.
  • Your PhotoShops are subject to the DBTB Community Guidelines. No vulgarity of any kind will be eligible for entry. Keep it PG, folks.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, though only one per person will be eligible to win a prize. If enter more than once, you will be contacted to determine which entry you'd like to be eligible.
  • Previously existing entries are not eligible to win. Sorry Atlas Vanek, Pom, and Cody Godgson. We love you, but the prizes are for this contest only.
  • Your entries into this contest are for the enjoyment of the DBTB community, and should be treated as such. That is to say, they're fair game for anyone to use in Game Threads, comments, etc.
  • If you win, you will be contacted by me for your shipping address, as well as which style of hat you would like. There are two, they are adjustable sizing, and I'd link to a picture but you can't get them online. Trust me when I say they are mad boss, yo./

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with over the next week, and please leave any questions you have in the comments. Good luck!

Thanks to the folks at New Era Caps for helping sponsor this event. Look for more of their products in future DBTB giveaways.