DBTB User Awards 2013

Here's to you, Sabres fan in front of their computer or phone. Thanks for a great year!

Yesterday, SB Nation released to its team managers a list of each blog's most active commenters and posters for the year of 2013. This was the best year yet for Die By The Blade traffic-wise, and you guys are the ones to thank - this site wouldn't exist without you, your passion for the Sabres, the excellent community you've helped create, and your clicks, Tweets, and posts.

Today, we proudly present to you the Top 10 lists for most FanPosts, FanShots, and most comments posted in 2013 on this blog. Whether you made the list or not, thanks to all of you for a great year, and here's to an even better year in 2014!

Awards for Die By The Blade

Most FanPosts

Ogre39666 28
Ben.Chalker 22
mttzakr87 18
KPSabres 9
SabresBills 8
TheMan__Oss 8
bull_trojan 7
jawallstar1 6
T McGee 6
sabrelake1 5

Most FanShots

Ben.Chalker 16
Andy Boron 8
AmeriCanada10 4
sydh 3
bluecollarbuffalo 3
Grimmnasty 3
kallinan 2
Ogre39666 2
AcesNines 2
Calvert 2

Most Comments

Ogre39666 5988
kallinan 3401
Philaster 2515
rmswny 1673
Frank Reich Revolution 1439
bgred105 1406
Andy Boron 1390
AcesNines 1323
drwho62 1246
bflo 939