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DBTB Podcast | Episode 3: Consistently Inconsistent

Happy American Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today! Maybe you need something to listen to on the drive over to your in-laws’ place, or some background noise in the kitchen while you’re cooking up a storm. Maybe you just want to listen to some folks talk Buffalo Sabres hockey! Whatever the case may be today, we’ve got a new episode of the podcast for you.

On this week’s episode of the Die By The Blade podcast, Luke and Josh discuss the past week of Buffalo Sabres hockey, where we saw the team both score and concede many goals. Our hosts also discuss the emergence of Tage Thompson as a significant piece of the Sabres’ offense, and how the team overall has played consistently inconsistent. Finally, touching base on the team’s prospects, they highlight Josh Bloom, who might just be a diamond in the rough.

Don’t forget to tune into the (mostly) weekly Die By The Blade podcast on Spotify, hosted by contributors Luke Seeley & Josh Schmidt, discussing all things Buffalo Sabres – the highlights, the frustrations, the questions, the prospects and more!

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