DBTB Open Thread - Week of Jan 23rd | Pain

It’s been a difficult week for us at DBTB and Bills fans

Another football season has come to a premature end for the Buffalo Bills, and it’s another opportunity wasted. The Bills had been built up all season long as the Super Bowl favorites, but in the end could not even make it into the final four teams either. Josh Allen’s unbeaten record in the playoffs at home has now gone as well after a comprehensive dismantling at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Before that we were stunned to hear that Vox Media was pulling its funding for a number of blogs in the SBN network, including Die By The Blade. The outpouring of support we’ve received has been incredible - you all rock, and we owe it to you to find a way to keep this venerable site going.

Back on the ice, the Buffalo Sabres made some heavy work of playing some poorer teams, but were able to cap off an emotional night marking Ryan Miller’s number retirement with an overtime win before the black goatheads showed up and the Sabres pumped in six goals again.

This will be another four-game week but this time all of them on the road, including games against the top three sides in the Central Division.

Mon Jan 23rd - Buffalo Sabres at Dallas Stars (28-13-7), 8:30pm ET
Tue Jan 24th - Buffalo Sabres at St Louis Blues (23-21-3), 8:00pm ET
Thu Jan 26th - Buffalo Sabres at Winnipeg Jets (31-16-1), 8:00pm ET
Sat Jan 28th - Buffalo Sabres at Minnesota Wild (25-16-4), 9:00pm ET

Use the comments below to discuss goings-on with the Sabres and the rest of the NHL for the week of January 23rd.