DBTB Open Thread - Week of 6/5 | Playoffs heating up

Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world.. of the Sabres and the NHL

Here’s an open thread for discussing all matters Buffalo Sabres and NHL related for this week. Of course, you can talk about anything else you like too.

The playoffs continue and already we’ve had some interesting results.

(1) Colorado Avalanche 2-3 (2) Vegas Golden Knights - What a great series this is shaping up to be

(3) Winnipeg Jets 0-4 (4) Montreal Canadiens - Come on, be honest, did anyone really think we’d be at this stage with both the Leafs and Oilers out? And is anyone not laughing their rear ends off?

(3) Boston Bruins 2-4 (4) New York Islanders - In case Kevyn Adams needed some pointers on building a playoff worthy roster, this series is a good indication.

(1) Carolina Hurricanes 1-4 (3) Tampa Bay Lightning - When will hockey fans stop writing off the defending champions?

Feel free to add any links to developing news items as the week goes on in the comments below.