DBTB Open Thread - Week of 2/8 | NHL season is in disarray

Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world.. of the Sabres and the NHL

Here’s an open thread for discussing all matters Buffalo Sabres and NHL related for this week. Of course, you can talk about anything else you like too.

What a mess this NHL season is quickly turning into. As more and more members of the Buffalo Sabres contingent are now starting to test positive for COVID following the games against New Jersey Devils, and the NHL not having built a buffer into the schedule, the Sabres are seeing their schedule condensed even tighter.

The revised schedule has added five more back-to-back games for Buffalo, here’s the full updated Sabres schedule. [Sabres]

If the games this week go ahead, Buffalo will see some familiar faces again with just two games on tap, against the Washington Capitals who suddenly are slumping and have lost three on the trot in regular time.

As of Monday night the two games against the Caps have been postponed, the Sabres don’t play again this week.

Feel free to add any links to developing news items as the week goes on in the comments below.