DBTB Open Thread - Camp begins!

Finally, the boys are back in town.

Away we go with the 2021-22 season. Here’s the Buffalo Sabres camp invites (pdf). Looks like we’ll hear from Kevyn Adams and head coach Don Granato Thursday morning at 8:30 and 9:15 respectively.

Not seeing anything surprising or interesting with camp. Jack is expected to come and get his LTIR paycheck and we see Aaron Dell has grabbed #80 since Ryan Miller was formally retired by the vocal DBTB andTwitter crowds. Other than that? Let’s see if UPL beats out the goalie crew ahead of him and hopefully see JJ Peterka and Quinn sniffin’ roster spots.

Dahlin is still unsigned and not hearing much on that front. Not worth speculating on this, but I guess we’ll keep waiting to see what his pay day becomes.

Around the NHL, we see that Kaprizov has returned to the Wild with a 9 million dollar pay day (which I think is more than an entire KHL teams salary cap? Hah) as well as Robert Thomas (2 x 2.8) and Elvis (5 x 5.4) staying with the Blues and Wild. Next year’s goalie crop got a little weaker, but was probably never realistic on being an option here.