Dan Dunleavy is the King of Movember

The Sabres play-by-play announcer is wearing a different fake 'stache for every game in November, and they're all glorious.

The Cookie Duster, Lip Luggage, the Nose Neighbor, and ol' Bulletproof are just some of the names that nobody except Matt Moulson calls a mustache, but no matter what you call it, November has become the month of the mustache thanks to the recent monthly drive to raise awareness of prostate cancer by growing some whiskers.

For the past few season, the Buffalo Sabres have gotten in on the Movember action, with various players and broadcasters growing lip sweaters with varying degrees of success. Sabres play-by-play announcer Dan Dunleavy, however, is taking it to another level by wearing a different fake mustache for every November game.

Dunleavy's creativity with his 'stache is a reminder that we can still have some fun while the Sabres continue to get blown out by the better teams in the league. Are any DBTBers growing a Movember mustache? Or do you just wish you had Dan Dunleavy's collection of fake facial hair? Sound off in the comments.