Dan Bylsma Approval Rating: September 2015

How is DB (pun unintended) doing?

Welcome to the first approval rating of the season for new head coach Dan Bylsma. There have been loads of changes in the organization since the last time we did one of these.

The offseason had been very eventful for the Buffalo Sabres, starting with the drafting of generational talent Jack Eichel. Along with a good draft and some wheeling and dealing by General Manager Tim Murray that landed Ryan O'Reilly and Robin Lehner, the Sabres seemed well poised to go up from last season's debacle.

The five games the Sabres have played so far have the fans giddy with excitement. We've seen an unexpected offensive outburst, with Eichel living up to his label and the team as a whole looking better in every position on the ice. Here are the Sabres results from the preseason, where they are 4-1-0 with one shutout and averaging 4.2 goals per game.

So with that in mind, how do you think Bylsma is doing?

What grade would you give Dan Bylsma on the basis of his performance as coach of the Buffalo Sabres in September 2015?

A - Excellent572
B - Good474
C - Average36
D - Mediocre3
F - Horrific8