Daily Buffalo Sabres Links: Trade Deadline Edition

It's deadline day at last, and Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier has so far stood pat. Will he make a move today?

- While the Sabres went bowling, Darcy hunkered down in trade-land. [Sabres Edge]

- Deadline day thoughts from the Sabres blogosphere. [Grizwold Post Gazette, BSN]

- Phil thinks Brian Duff should replace Harry Neale. [BBG]

- Patrick Kaleta talks about life before he made it in the NHL. [THN]

- Trade deadline thoughts from the big time media peoples. [ESPN, SB Nation, TSN, THN]

- Ottawa has acquired minor league stud goalie Ben Bishop [NHL.com]

- How do you fix Montreal? It starts at the top. [SI.com]