Daily Links for Wednesday, January 18

Some quick hitting links today, folks. More Sabres after the break.

Sabres face Blackhawks aiming to end long road skid - NHL.com
We have to win a road game at some point, right? Just based on pure chance?

Ruff: 'I've seen a lot worse games' - Sabres Edge
Much of our conversation with Ruff centered on his role, as the heat is growing on the men who has been behind the Sabres' bench since 1997.

Sabres Need More From Leopold - WGR 550
With injuries on defense the Sabres need Jordan Leopold and Mike Weber to play bigger roles and eat up minutes. Both made major mistakes in Detroit and both were -4.

My Perspective on Ryan Miller’s Struggles - The Goalie Guild
Some insight on where a goalie's mental state needs to be, and why Ryan Miller isn't there. Give it a read.

More Sabres News:

The sadness of fandom - Buffalo Wins
Joe bashes Terry Pegula, but he doesn't feel good about it.

Is it so bad? - Ice and Bites
"But do we REALLY need a shake up at the coaching position? I question whether or not this will get the job done. While I agree that Lindy looks lackadaisical in his coaching role as of now, I think he needs to stay put, but make some changes to his strategy."

Around the NHL:

Obama to welcome Bruins to White House on Monday - NHL.com
President Barack Obama will welcome the Bruins to the White House Monday to honor the team and their 2011 Stanley Cup victory.

What did Mike Cammalleri say? - The Globe and Mail
Michael Cammalleri’s debut for Calgary was one of those good news-bad news kind of nights.

Ryan Kesler’s Teflon is starting to wear off in Vancouver - Puck Daddy
Ryan Kesler no longer has the benefit of the doubt.

Nothing wrong with Feaster wanting Flames to make the playoffs - THN
Amid Cowtown calls to begin the rebuild, Jay Feaster is doing the right thing by pushing to make the playoffs.