Daily Links for Tuesday, August 30

The Hockey News' annual season prediction has been creeping out over the past few weeks, and we've finally reached the Buffalo Sabres, projected to finish 5th overall in the Eastern Conference. What do you think about that?

The Hockey News 2011-12 NHL regular season predictions: No. 5 - THN
THN has predicted the Sabres to finish 5th in the East, behind Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Brophy on Sabres: Big-budget club - sportsnet.ca
The Sabres finally have the luxury of spending on talent thanks to their rich new owner.

Why You Can't Blame... Darcy Regier for Trading Michael Peca - Buffalo Wins
Another installment of the thought-provoking series from Michael Tracz over at Buffalo Wins.

Stempniak on the move again - Sabres Edge
West Seneca native Lee Stempniaks time in the desert is over as the right winger was traded Monday by the Phoenix Coyotes to the Calgary Flames for veteran center Daymond Langkow.

Why the Phoenix Coyotes traded for Daymond Langkow - Puck Daddy
At first, we suspected the primary motivation for the Phoenix Coyotes in reacquiring Daymond Langkow is that he still owns his old Coyotes sweaters. And since fashions haven't changed, and with economics being what they are in Glendale … well, every little bit helps.

‘Scary Gary’ Roberts becomes diet guru for young NHLers - The Globe and Mail
A radical change in nutrition turned around Gary Roberts’s hockey career; now he’s passing on his secrets to young players.

NHL Relocation To Hawaii: Examining The Possibility Of The Honolulu Islanders - SBNation.com
A recent study said that Honolulu, Hawaii would be an option for NHL relocation. Is the idea crazy enough to work?