Daily Links for Saturday, October 15

Well, that wasn't very fun. But even though the Sabres lost I agree with some of the articles after the break - let's not blow one loss out of proportion, even if it was a terrible game. Remember the five months of goodwill this team built up over the summer? Let's ride on that for a while.

Jeff Skinner scored a power-play goal with 1:24 left in the third period in leading Carolina to a 4-3 win over Buffalo on Friday.

Penguins, Sabres try to bounce back after losses - NHL.com
The preview for tonight's game.

Optimism, excitement not enough for Sabres - The Buffalo News
It's all good and certainly beats doom and gloom, but optimism and excitement by themselves aren't enough to win hockey games.

Roy gets back on the scoresheet - The Buffalo News
Derek Roy entered Friday night's home opener with 145 career NHL goals so he's used to putting the puck in the net. Going 10 months between goals was an odd feeling.

Sabres Links:

Penguins: Sabres are paying the price of success now - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Buffalo is, for purposes of the NHL, as much of a big-market team as anything to be found in New York or Toronto or Philadelphia or Chicago. And because of that, the dreams on the Niagara Frontier these days are pretty big, too.

Sabres Awaken Early Gut-Check Time with Fans after Ugly Loss - BSN
Scotty wants Sabres fans to bear down and not overreact to one game.

Disproportionate Responses to the Sabres' Home Opener Loss - Dear God Why Us Sports
Deep breaths. Find a happy place. Find a happy place.

Not According To Plan - The Goose's Roost
That went about as badly as you could've imagined if you were hoping to thrill at the Buffalo Sabres power play on Friday night.

Around the NHL:

Boston Bruins and why Stanley Cup hangover is unavoidable - SI.com
The Stanley Cup Hangover puts those recent Hollywood movie hits of the similar name to shame. There aren't enough aspirin in the bottle to wipe out its effects, which are a kind of nausea-in-reverse.

Hradek: Doughty, Crosby, '11 draft picks making news - NHL.com
Drew Doughty signs, Sidney Crosby packs and some draft picks impress -- all that and more are part of an eventful night -- and day -- on the ice

Shots from below goal line present conundrum - NHL.com
During the first week of the season, we've seen a lot of goaltenders give up a lot of goals on shots that came from below or near the goal line.

Faceoff: What does future hold for DiPietro? - ESPN
Scott Burnside and Pierre LeBrun break down today's news on Rick DiPietro being sidelined with a concussion and what it means for the Islanders,

Zamboni drivers help save player’s life after skate slice - Puck Daddy
Maybe it's time you consider a Zamboni driver's place on your totem of respect. Because they might just save your life one day.