Daily Links for Monday, August 29

The final week of August is seeing many Sabres players and prospects ending their summer vacations and moving back to Buffalo. I think that means it's almost time for training camp.

Wilson vs. Pegula: Tale of two eras - Buffalo Wins
Pegula has made his goal simple: bring multiple championships to the city of the hockey team he loves so much. Wilson's goal is, um, well, do we even know what his goal is anymore?

Stamkos leads NHL's top 21-and-under talent - NHL.com
NHL.com takes a look at the best of the League's young talent -- the top players who are still 21 and under, including Tyler Myers.

2010-11 NHL Marginal Cap Efficiency - The Copper & Blue
Marginal Cap Efficiency is one measure of NHL General Managers' effectiveness. Who was the best and worst in 2010-11?

Logan Couture signs two-year extension with Sharks - The Globe and Mail
The forward agreed to terms on a two-year $5.75-million (U.S.) extension

Bryzgalov believes he can deliver Stanley Cup to Philadelphia - TSN
An orange crush has already developed and Bryzgalov hasn't even played a game yet.

America's current hockey generation its all-time best - THN
The last generation of American stars was stellar, but it's quickly being topped by the newest version.

The NHL coaching landscape, then and now - Puck Daddy
A look at the current NHL coaching landscape and how it compares with how the League's coaching ranks looked 10 years ago.