Daily Links for Monday, August 22

The news of last week continues to dominate with Rick Rypien, Chris Drury, and the NHL R&D camp taking center stage.

Pegula's not backing off his stated goal for Sabres - The Buffalo News
Two weeks ago, during a meeting with management, Sabres owner Terry Pegula took the floor to make something clear. He wasn't backing away from his obsession to win the Stanley Cup by any means, but also he didn't want his people sweating over their futures if they flopped early in the season.

Why the Sabres Should Keep Pominville - Buffalo Wins
One thing Sabres fans have been talking about is how the team will get under the salary cap, as they currently sit roughly $3 million over the cap. One salary a lot of fans have been wishing we could get rid of is that if Jason Pominville.

Who Else - Hockey Rhetoric
Who else but Chris Drury.

Nearly 1,000 turn out for Rick Rypien's funeral - NHL.com
Family,friends and former Vancouver Canucks teammates were among the nearly 1,000 who turned out for the funeral of NHL forward Rick Rypien.

R&D: What should stay, what should go - ESPN
Which of the NHL's proposed rule changes will stick?

Pros and cons to giving NHL referees wireless communication - Puck Daddy
What's clear after the test run is that, for fans and players, the pros outweigh the cons — and some of the more serious drawbacks will disappear if this technology revolutionizes the NHL officiating.

Getting To Know: Sean Avery - THN
This week we present a Q and A session with the Ranger everybody loves to hate.

Vulgar Statistics: Home Ice Advantage II: Goal Scoring - Black & Blue & Gold
This is the second in a multi-part series that takes a look at home ice advantage from the lockout to the present.