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Crunching Numbers

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The Buffalo Sabres System.. if it exists

Buffalo Sabres trending well in the Goals Above Replacement value model

A quick look at how NHL teams have improved (or not) in free agency so far

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The Sabres in a Bubble: Part 1 - Team Statistics

Jack Eichel’s tale of the tape

Stats don’t necessarily meet fans’ perception

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Did 3-on-3 OT reduce NHL games going to the shootout?

Teams regularly combined to score 2.2 or so goals per five minutes of overtime in the first three months of the season, and by late December it just dropped off a cliff, with goal-scoring falling about 40 percent on average.

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Using Data to Inform Tactical Offensive Zone Decisions

For fans of hockey analytics (aka fancystats), here's a piece you will enjoy, comparing two types of offensive strategies - Behind the Net (used by the Sharks), and Low-to-High to Net (used by the Kings) methods.

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Sabres Defense HD% of Scoring Chances vs Scoring Chances Against

Make of this what you will, but it's basically showing how many scoring chances against the Sabres D is on ice for, and how many of those are considered 'high danger'. It does not take into consideration Dan Bylsma's usage of his defensemen - zone starts, etc. What else does this graphic say to you?

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Ranking Sabres prospects using NHLe

How do you compare the Sabres prospects in the system when they're all in different leagues?

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Do NHL refs prioritize balancing the power of a game?

Research says that refs make 'make-up calls' more often than you would think is fair.

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Sabres scoring chance conversion remains poor

The Buffalo Sabres are continuing to have less than 50% of the scoring chances for in games, and are also tied for worst in the League in goals for conversion percentage. (See comments for bigger image)

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What happened to the Sabres offense?

The Buffalo Sabres have had their struggles offensively as the 2015-16 season has progressed, and it looks like a lot of that is because they stopped shooting. Check out the how the Sabres are trending against the League average in Scoring Chances (for/60) and Goals (for/60).

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Eichel leads all NHL forwards in possession driving plays

The Buffalo Sabres had been abysmal in possession stats over the last couple of seasons, but now Jack Eichel is here and he will change all that.

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All-Star break Sabres stat pack

The two graphs should show you that the Buffalo Sabres are pretty consistent, and they're trying.

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And the Sabres best shutdown defenseman is..

Look in the top right corner, it's probably not someone you were expecting!

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Sabres seeing uptick in both shot and save percentage

The latest data on PDO components - 5v5, score adjusted shooting pct and save pct - has the Buffalo Sabres headed in the right direction for both metrics.

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Can shooting accuracy be coached?

The folks over at Hockey-Graphs dug into a topic that players and fans alike have always wondered - does coaching affect shooting accuracy? They broke down data over two seasons, and came to a conclusion that you probably didn't expect.

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Sabres getting luckier, but worse

Here's the latest Scoring Chances vs PDO plot for the Buffalo Sabres, and it's not quite going in the right direction.

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Buffalo Sabres stats trending in the wrong direction

As the time-elapsed Scoring Chances plots will show, the Sabres are regressing in the Scoring Chances Against department, while not improving much in the Scoring Chances For area.

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Sabres need to move offensive pieces to build defence

The Buffalo Sabres have shown glimpses of what they could be as a hockey club: a high-flying, dynamic scoring machine that can strike at will. However, Buffalo’s regression in terms of shot metrics was one of the worst in the NHL from October to November. It’s clearly going to take patience for the Sabres to evolve as a complete team.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly & Enigmatic in between

More stats for you. Here's how the Sabres match up with the rest of the NHL in Scoring Chance Consistency - Scoring Chances For (SCF) pct plotted against Inconsistency (std dev of SCF)

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Sabres falling victim to bad bounces (PDO/SPSV%)

The PDO is made up of team save pct and team shooting pct - the Sabres are currently in the less than 98% region for PDO, which likely signifies a team being better than they appear.

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Sabres top D pair & the Law of Diminishing Returns

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GMTM’s tank job one of the most impressive management moves

For all the Buffalo Sabres fans that endured through the horrendous 2013-14 and 2014-15 season, just know that General Manager Tim Murray's efforts were not in vain, and here are the stats to back that up too.

2013 DBTB User Awards

Here's to you, Sabres fan in front of their computer or phone. Thanks for a great year!

Sabres Goal Trends - first half of the season

With the Buffalo Sabres having played half their quota of games for the season, this is a good time to take a look at what times of the game the Sabres have been scoring and conceding goals.

Buffalo Sabres Quarter-Mark Statistical Projection

With the Buffalo Sabres hitting the quarter-season mark after the thrilling win away to the Islanders on Saturday night, we make our projections for how the players could end up,theoretically.

Buffalo Sabres v. Boston Bruins - By the Numbers

Scoring Chances from the Sabres 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins on Thursday night.

Buffalo Sabres v. Carolina Hurricanes - By the Numbers

Scoring Chances from the Sabres 3-2 overtime victory over the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday night.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Can The Sabres Actually Make A Run At This?

With one month left until the end of the 2011-12 NHL season, can the Buffalo Sabres make a run to the playoffs.

Sabres Getting Increased Production From Roy, Ennis, Myers

The Sabres have been in an offensive slump all season, but a few players are beginning to break out.

Buffalo Sabres v. New York Islanders - By the Numbers

Scoring Chances from the Sabres 2-1 victory over the New York Islanders on Tuesday night.

Buffalo Sabres v. Philadelphia Flyers - By the Numbers

Scoring Chances from the Sabres embarrassing 7-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night.