Conference Finals: Die By The Blade Pick n' Mix and Brackets

With both the Conference Finals upon us, it's time to get your picks in for both the Fantasy games we're running here on Die By The Blade. In the Western Conference Finals starting Game 1 tomorrow, #3 seed Phoenix Coyotes host #8 Los Angeles Kings. The Eastern Conference Finals start on Monday, with #1 New York Rangers starting off at home against the #6 New Jersey Devils in the subway series.

For the Brackets competition, make your pick for the winner of each Finals matchup. For tiebreaker points, also pick the series scores for both Finals as well. Each correct pick will garner you one point, and the person with the most points after the Stanley Cup Final is played wins it all.

In the Pick n' Mix competition, the rules are the same as always. For each of the series, we will need you to pick -

Series winner [winner] - give the team name
Series score [score] - score of the best-of-seven series
Series top goal scorer [goals] - give the player's last name
Series top assists scorer [assists] - give the player's last name
Team with most PIMs [PIMs] - give the team name

Once again, each correct pick gains you one point and the winner is whoever has the most points after the Stanley Cup Final ends.