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Sabres Will Not Be Hosting Any Road Crew Events This Year

The NHL lockout mucked up the 2012-13 season schedule pretty badly, and instead of 82 games over the course of almost seven months, we got 48 games in almost four.

However, the lockout also messed with all of the peripheral events surrounding those games, and one event that won’t be returning are the Sabres Road Crew nights.

The Sabres Road Crew was an outreach program for out-of-town fans during select Sabres road games. Various members of the Sabres organization would attend viewing parties at a bar or restaurant in whatever city the Sabres were in that evening. Previous attendees included team president Ted Black and the Pegula family.

However, the lockout has forced the team to put the Road Crew on hiatus this season, according to Ted Black. Though he says the team is always looking at new ways to interact with fans, the logistics of the shortened season had everyone on the business side of the organization scrambling as much as the folks on the hockey side.

“We’re just trying to get through the year,” Black said, referring to the extracurricular activities the team was forced to cancel, reschedule, or add thanks to a brand new schedule and having just ten days to prepare for it.

The NHL lockout was bad enough for fans while it was still ongoing, but even from the grave it continues to take away what were once great fan outreach events. For all of our out-of-town readers, let’s hope events like the Road Crew return next season.