Want something to be thankful for?

A little Buffalo Sabres slam poetry for the soul

I must preface this by saying that I’ve never written slam poetry before. For some reason, it just felt appropriate. I’m sure you can imagine the reaction I received when I brought up the idea.

Me: Is slam poetry allowed on DBTB?

Chad: You’re going to have to be more specific

I digress. Anyway, allow yourself to do whatever is necessary to get into the right frame of mind - dim the lights, light some candles, lower your brim - whatever that may be. This one is Thanksgiving themed, called “Thankful For”.

Thankful For

Want something to be thankful for? How about the Sabres skates of yore?

A time where the pain felt real from the questions of skill on the ice.

We like Eich.

Those times when he took the puck and hooked you up to the edge of your seat as he’d sneak a hundred and sixty feet into the offensive zone and you’d wonder what would be next – even though we knew it would be neat or sweet or somewhat of a feat.

Now we are eight months deep.

Deep in darkness, deep in our heads, deep in controversy. Sometimes we wonder where we could be while on the loveseat doing the same old thing.

Yet here we are again. Eight months no better. No gyms to sweat it, stuck to takeout and, you bet it, no Jim’s Steakout nights to forget it.

Want something to be thankful for? How about the people filling in the holes?

The ones we have leaned on despite which way we lean, in lieu of Rasmus Dahlin. The ones filling in our Tuesday and Thursday nights left vacant, when “top shelf where mama hides the cookies” calls are left eight months ancient.

Yet we save them – the memories we can squeeze from a nine-year drought. Why? Because good hockey in the past made us devout. Or maybe that is not what it is about. Perhaps it is the friends we have made over times uncertain, and the fun we have had if you pull back the curtain.

Want something to be thankful for? How about the future?

The truth here is that once we get this thing righted, we might just be good. After we deck the halls and hockey gets involved, we will see Jack Eichel paired with Taylor Hall. That will be a ball. Until then, we hold our applause.

Want something to be thankful for? It is okay if you do.

Sabres hockey, come back to us soon.