Victor Olofsson will switch his jersey number again

For the third time in four years Victor Olofsson will have a different number on his back

We were tipped off to this when it started to make the rounds on social media that the Buffalo Sabres were selling a Victor Olofsson jersey online with the number 71 on the back. Today, the club made it official. Olofsson will be changing his number from 68 to 71.

This will be the third number that Olofsson will wear with the Sabres. He made his debut in the NHL sporting 41. Then he switched to 68 the following season and now it’ll be 71.

According to Hockey Reference, he’ll be the fourth player in Sabres history to wear 71. Jochen Hecht was the OG 71 in 2003. He then changed his number to 55. Derek Whitmore wore 71 in 2012. Evan Rodrigues was the last to wear this number from 2016 to 2020.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Swedish forward sticks with this one moving forward for the remainder of his time with the club. Perhaps his plan is to just pick a number every two years (this is a joke).