Buffalo Sabres Unveil Black & Red Goathead Jersey

The third jersey has finally been unveiled.

The Buffalo Sabres have finally unveiled the black and red ‘goathead’ jerseys that the team is using as its third jerseys this season, after previously unveiling the revamped logo:

Here’s a look at some of the players in the jersey:

The Sabres will debut the third jersey on Wednesday, November 23 at ‘90s Night against the St. Louis Blues. They’re scheduled to wear these jerseys eleven more times over the course of the season. Here’s the full schedule:

  • November 23 vs. St. Louis
  • December 4 vs. San Jose
  • December 13 vs. Los Angeles
  • December 23 vs. Tampa Bay
  • December 29 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • January 7 vs. Minnesota Wild
  • January 21 vs. Anaheim Ducks
  • February 26 vs. Washington Capitals
  • March 4 vs. Philadelphia Flyers
  • March 11 vs. New York Rangers
  • March 24 vs. New Jersey Devils
  • April 13 vs. Ottawa Senators/

The Sabres’ marketing team had a great way of unveiling the third jersey, kicking off with a 30-minute live video on Twitter featuring three goats - yes, real, live goats - in a spare locker room at KeyBank Center. Sabretooth even popped in for a few minutes, which seemed to (understandably) confuse the animals momentarily.

Who knew that watching some goats walk around a locker room for 30 minutes could be so mindlessly entertaining?

The black and red goathead logo was previously announced as returning back in September, with this video full of highlights from the original goathead era:

And, in case you’re feeling extra nostalgic, here’s the full 30-minute jersey unveiling of the original goathead back in April 1996, thanks to nitroradio99 on YouTube: