Buffalo Sabres Sunday Link: A Boy Learns To Brawl

During Sundays in the summer, when hockey news is slowest, we'll be offering up just one link that we think is important enough that every Sabres fan, or every hockey fan, should read. These links will offer up explanations on common hockey questions, valuable insight into hotly debated topics, or may simply be great stories or interviews that shed some light on the world of professional hockey.

- From the deaths of the entire KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and Brian's Burke's son Brendan, to the numerous enforcers who passed away or took their own lives, this year has truly been a tragic one in the hockey community. In this week's Sunday article, the New York Times takes a three-part look into the life of Derek Boogard, from his early days learning how to fight, to the punishment he put his body and mind through as an enforcer in the NHL. [The New York Times]