Sabres sign Rodrigues to 1-year deal

New contract worth $2 million AAV

The Buffalo Sabres have signed forward Evan Rodrigues to a one-year deal worth an AAV of $2 million, the team announced Thursday.

The signing comes just two days after Rodrigues’ arbitration hearing. According to the team, the terms of his new contract were based on the arbitrator’s ruling.

The $2 million price tag is pretty evenly in the middle of what the two sides wanted. The Sabres had requested a one-year deal worth $1.5 million, while Rodrigues’ camp countered with a $2.65 million deal.

The new deal automatically had to be a one-year contract, since the team sets the length (one or two years) in arbitration cases.

Rodrigues turns 26 later this week. Last season, he earned $650,000 as part of a two-year contract with a total value of $1.3 million, so this is a sizeable raise for the left winger.

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