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Shane Doan Update: Forward Visiting New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh

One of the largest free agents left in the NHL is starting to take a look at all of his options while the ownership situation in Phoenix continues to work itself out. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune’s Josh Yohe, Doan will be meeting with the Pittsburgh Penguins next:

“Shane is going to visit a couple of more teams,” [Doan’s agent Terry] Bross told the Tribune-Review on Sunday. “I’m pretty sure Pittsburgh will be one of them. He is interested in the Penguins.”

The meeting with the Penguins is coming after Doan met with the Rangers and Flyers while he was in New York this week. Philadelphia’s interest in Doan may change depending on whether the Nashville Predators match the Shea Weber contract.

While all of these visits may be troubling for Sabres fans, this doesn’t mean much for the Sabres. Both Doan’s agent and the team has confirmed that the Sabres have contacted Doan about playing for Buffalo. At this point, the Sabres haven’t been mentioned as part of Doan’s visits but that could change by the end of the week. This process is probably going to take a few more weeks as the Phoenix situation continues to work itself out as well.