Buffalo Sabres select Isak Rosen with the 14th pick in the 2021 NHL Draft

Sabres go with high-end skill at 14

From my 2021 NHL rankings article:

Isak Rosen, W, SHL (3/15/03)

5’10, 154 lbs

22gp, 0g, 1pt

Isak Rosen does four things very well:

1.) Gets to the high-medium danger areas of the ice to take his shot or to make his pass. He understands where the puck should go, and gets the puck there to shoot it or for his teammates to shoot it.

2.) He is able to control a game with the puck on his stick. A team can definitely run their offense through Rosen.

3.) Very good off the puck, which has helped him find space to get his shot and allowed for him to make quick decisions once receiving the pass.

4.) He’s a blur on the screen. His skating is high-end and as the NHL becomes more and more about pace of play and being able to make plays at a top-end speed his strengths are going to fit the modern NHL.

His faults almost all lie with him being too weak physically to really compete in board battles and when defenders lean on him. He’s a project, but he does all the little things right.

Isak Rosen is the type of player that is possibly good enough in transition to move from winger to center after he physically develops. However, the way he plays the game is exceptional to analytical hockey minds, and though he will take most likely 3 years to physically develop to an NHL level player, he is a very good swing to make at 13 as a potential high-end middle six player with homerun top line potential (though this isn’t likely).