Who Should Become The Next Sabres Captain

The Buffalo Sabres are without a captain again after Craig Rivet was waived by the team last season. James O'Brien took a brief look at our situation in his article over at Pro Hockey Talk:

If I were Lindy Ruff, I'd name top center Derek Roy the captain by a hair. Perhaps Buffalo would be best served waiting a while, though, especially if hard-hitting blueliner Robyn Regehr shows some of those leadership qualities.

While O'Brien makes some vaild points, Derek Roy just seems to be one of the last players that would seem to fit for the Sabres while there are some other good choices to wear the C and I'll make a case of each of them.

Thomas Vanek - Among Sabres fans, it seems that Vanek has turned into the consensus number one choice for the captaincy. Once Derek Roy went down with the injury last season, it was Vanek that had the "Hop on my back and I'll take the team look." I still have the fear that the pressure of being the captain might affect Vanek's game as it does when he goes into a scoring slump.

More choices and the poll after the jump.

Robyn Regher - Naming Regher the captain of the team would follow the same path as naming Craig Rivet captain back in 2008. Rivet was the grizzled veteran and the logical choice among a young group of core players. It is three years later and I don't believe that those core players need a newcomer to come in and show them how to be a leader. While Regher may end up with a letter, I believe that the organization will want to go a different route.

Tyler Myers - While the young defenseman is going to be the star player of the defense for the Sabres for the next few years, giving him the burden of being named captain may be too much for the young player. It could be feasible if the team gave him a letter at some point in the season, but at this point it is probably a case of too much, too soon.

Who should become the next Sabres captain?

Thomas Vanek401
Derek Roy102
Robyn Regher50
Tyler Myers51
Other (let us know in the comments)74